Event Rules - Themed Events

Themed Event Rules and Information

All the rules, information and safety instructions herein are for your benefit and the benefit of other players. Please obey all the rules, any player found to be consistently breaking the rules will be escorted off the event and banned from future events.

There is a lot of information to read so please take the time to fully understand all the points below. Failure to understand and follow the event rules and information will result in you possibly having a bad experience which we will not be held responsible for. 

If you have a question, or do not fully understand a rule please ask us prior to the event.

Eye Protection and Safety

Eye protection must be worn at all times. The only place you may remove your eye protection is inside the designated safe area.

All weapons must be cleared before entering any safe area.

No dry firing inside any safe area.

Observe all safety signs when moving around the game area.

Some areas of the game area are not accessible due to safety concerns, these areas will be marked off with safety tape. Do not cross into marked off areas.

General Behaviour and Sportsmanship

Bad sportsmanship and excessive use of foul language is not welcome on the any event and will result in you being removed from the event.

FPS Limits

All weapons used will have to pass a chronograph test using the weight BB you intend to use and conform to the following limits:

  • Full Auto weapons, Pistols & Shotguns MAX 1.15 joules (Semi only within 3 meters)
  • Semi Auto Locked (DMR's) MAX 1.88 joules (20 meter MED)
  • Bolt Action Rifles MAX 2.32 (20 meter MED)

Ammo Limits

Ammo limits on themed events are slightly relaxed but must still be observed.

All ammo used must be BIODEGRADABLE

All ammo must be carried in Mid/Low capacity magazines NO HIGH CAP MAGS, box/drum mags on LMG support weapons are permitted.

Ammo limits will be dependant on role/weapon you take into the field :

  • Rifleman (Assault Rifles/Carbines/SMG's) - MAX 8 Mid Caps
  • Grenadier (Same as Rifleman with a 40mm UGL/Standalone 40mm Launcher) - Max 10 UGL rounds
  • Gunner (LMG/Support Weapons) - 1 Drum/Box mag
  • Designated Marksman (Semi Locked Rifles) - Max 8 Mid Caps
  • Sniper (Bolt Action Rifles) - Max 5 mags
  • Pistols - Max 5 standard mags
  • Shotguns - Max 10 shells


Only pyrotechnics designed for Airsoft use are permitted. Due to concerns of hearing damage within buildings the max level of pyro is MK5 or equivalent and 9mm/209 primer. 

MK7/9 and 12 gauge are not permitted.

Multishot BFG's - Each charge on a multishot BFG is to be considered one grenade.

Bang Grenades - Frag, Thunderflash and BFG's all have a 5 meter kill radius.

Smoke Grenades are for concealment only and are not to be considered poison gas etc.

Each player can carry 3 x Bang Grenades and 3 x Smoke Grenades

  • Grenade kill radius is 5 meters
  • Grenades in rooms kill all players inside that room
  • Only being in hardcover will save you from a grenade
  • Grenades on balconies kill all players in line of sight of the grenade regardless of distance
  • No smoke grenades inside buildings


Players can resupply at any time from their designated resupply point (usually a designated building or your base). The only time resupply will be closed is while the resupply point is under enemy contact e.g. rounds are landing within the walls or hitting the building.

All loose ammo is to be left at your team's base or a designated resupply point. No loose ammo is to be carried on you when playing. 

Hit Taking & Cheat Calling

Everyone is to call their hits, no exceptions. Use common sense when calling hit making it clear you are hit and eliminated especially if exiting a building under contact.

Cheating will not be tolerated.

Cheat calling will also not be tolerated, if you have a problem with a player not calling hits report it to a marshal immediately in a calm manner.

Abusive or aggressive behaviour of any kind towards players or Combat staff will result in immediate removal from the event.

Respawn Points

On themed events all respawn points are neutral and operate on a clock system. 

You may use any respawn point but can only respawn when the minute hand of the clock is on your team's color. If it is not on your team color you are locked in until it is.

A 50 meter no engagement perimeter is to be observed around each respawn point i.e no spawn camping.

Medic Rules

Medic rules are not used on themed events. One shot one kill.

Fighting in Buildings

  • No blind firing of any kind. You must be able to clearly see what you are shooting at looking down the length of your weapon.
  • No full auto inside buildings.
  • LMG/Support Gunners must transition to secondaries inside buildings.
  • No smoke grenades inside buildings. 
  • Max 4 players on balconies
  • No player may access roofs
  • Do not climb over walls or through windows
  • All internal doors may be opened/closed but must not be wedged shut
  • External doors/windows where closed must remain closed.

Fighting at Night

After dark all players must use single shot only. LMG/Support Gunners will have to observe a 10 meter MED.

Lasers / IR Illuminators

No lasers are permitted either visible or infrared (IR) at any time.

IR Illuminators are allowed unless otherwise stated, this is dependant on any military training taking place at the time of the event.

NVG's are permitted.

Detaining People

Certain objectives or situations may require you and your team to detain people.  

If you detain a person you MUST:

  • Inform chain of command immediately so detainee can be handed to command for interrogation.
  • Conduct a search and confiscate all items and hand in to command.
  • Restrain the detainee. Plasticuffs may be used but hands should be in front of body not behind.
  • Move the detainee and their effects to the location ordered by your commander.
  • Keep under guard until extraction team arrives to transport detainee to interrogation.


  • Cover their face
  • Physically abuse them (they are only acting)
  • Subject them to stress positions

Rules of Engagement

There are no specific rules of engagement on themed events as no civilians are present. 

Team Commanders/Platoon Leaders

Each team will have a assigned team commander and platoon leaders who will operate on the field with you.

Team Commanders and Platoon Leaders will assign tasking and orders to your squad/section. Orders are to be followed, if you decide not to follow an order or not attempt a tasking because you don't want to it will have a detrimental effect on your team and completion of the main objective. Remember it is a team game.

Team Commanders and Platoon Leaders also act as a way to report infractions by other players. If there is someone cheating or doing anything unsafe you can report it up your chain of command who will get a marshal to action it.

Command and Control

A command and control area is set up on all events. The command and control area is where game organisers, tech services and the first aid station is located.

Leaving Game Area

For safety as well as game management reasons you may not just leave the game area without reporting to your Platoon Leader or Team Commander. If you are cleared to leave the game area all players must report to the command and control building to sign out.

When returning report to command and control to sign back into the game and then report to your commander for orders and sitrep.

Sleeping in Buildings

If you choose to sleep within a building inside the game area during the event you may only sleep on the ground floor. Keep your eye protection on unless you are within a designated safe area.

Emergencies / Ceasefires

In the event of an emergency on the game field call for a marshal immediately. The marshal will assess the situation and if so required call a ceasefire. If the emergency is severe and no marshal is immediately available call ceasefire yourself. Please do not call a ceasefire for minor issue such as a smoke grenade flaming out.

In the event a ceasefire is called follow the below procedure:

  • Shout 'Ceasefire' as loud as possible
  • Point barrel of weapon at the ground
  • Do Not fire your weapon
  • Stay where you are, do not move or walk around.

When the marshal team is satisfied the emergency is dealt with game on will be called.

Evacuating the Area

In the event an evacuation is required marshals will give three short blasts on a whistle or air horn and keep repeating until the area is clear.

Immediately exit the area and move in a calm manner to the assigned assembly point.


Photography and videos for personal use are permitted, with the following restrictions:

  • Photographs and videos inside the buildings are NOT permitted.
  • External photographs and videos must not include MOD, Military or Landmarc equipment, vehicles or personnel.
  • Photographs of a sensitive nature are NOT permitted.

Training Area Safety (STANTA Events Only)

As this is an active training area there will likely be spent blank ammunition on the ground. Do not collect any spent ammunition leave it where it lies. Do not take anything off the area that may have been left over by training troops. Anything found must not be touched and immediately be reported to a marshal for disposal.

Any changes to rules or information prior to the event will be communicated via email.