Why come to an event as an actor?

Well, it's a fun alternative to playing, a great way to get involved and a brilliant way to enhance the experience of the players.

What do I have to do?

That's easy, just play a role. Depending on the type of event you could be a civilian, a intel operative or even a spy or saboteur!

What will it cost?

That's the best bit, nothing just your time actors are strictly volunteer positions.

What you need to know

Actor Information

Actors on events will have a role to play within the event. Most commonly it will be as civ-pop (Civilian Population). You primary purpose will be to interact with the players to make their experience more realistic.

Anyone who attends as an actor will need to understand fully the following points:

  • You may get shot by airsoft guns
  • You may be detained by players for questioning
  • You may be on the game field for a long period of time 

You will never be subjected to abuse, mental or physical.


Upcoming Acting Events

Op Typhoon 11-12th April


A Combat Tactical OP set at the brilliant STANTA training area.