OP Typhoon 11th - 12th April 2020 - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER

Event Information


Location: Eastmeresh

Following years of civil unrest and failed coup attempts the country of Harlingrad became severely destabilised. 

Fighting between government and militant forces escalated into a civil war between loyalist forces and rebel factions and in late 2019 a state of emergency was declared by the UN.

All travel into and out of the country has been restricted with many western personnel evacuated. 

The situation gained international attention when several US and British civilians mainly press and translators were captured, tortured and eventually executed, a rebel faction known as The Red Dawn claimed responsibility.

While very little is known about The Red Dawn information coming to light reveals they are mainly comprised of former members of the Harlingrad military, led by the disavowed members of Harlingrad Special Operations Group (H-SOG) and seem to be well funded. 

While it has not yet been confirmed who is funding The Red Dawn information points to several Eastern agencies.

Battle for Eastmeresh

The town of Eastmeresh resides in the open plains of Harlingrads interior. UN forces led by a British task force (Task Force Blue Shield) have been stationed in the towns police station to the west of the town alongside a Harlingrad Police unit. Their mission is to provide security and a rendezvous point for western civilians to be extracted for eventual transport out of the country.

Sporadic engagements with a rebel cell within the town have become common place during regular patrols, but so far, the rebel cell has evaded capture and not been neutralised. 

The situation has become more perilous as a sizable rebel force has been spotted moving through the valley to the east of the town. Security of the civilians must be maintained, and all western civilians making their way to the town must be located and extracted.

About the Event

This event is a Combat Tactical OP event conducted over a 24 hour period at STANTA Eastmere OBUA village.

There will be strict rules in play to get the most out of the venue such as uniform requirements,  no high caps, designated reload points and respawn points.

Once the event starts you will be required to stay in the game area for the full 24 hour period eating and sleeping will be under battlefield conditions. You will have to be completely self sufficient for the full 24 hours. 

What is a Combat Tactical OP

Combat Tactical OP events are not 24 hour firefights. They require you to follow orders from a chain of command to complete the overall objective, such as conducting patrols, recon and intel gathering, setting up observation points, guarding positions and other duties.

When you book your place you will be assigned to a squad so if you are booking separately to team mates please make sure you enter your team name when prompted so we can assign you the correct callsign. You will also be required to define your role such as Rifleman, Support Gunner or Sniper as some roles are limited to aid realism and  gameplay.

Please make sure your read and understand the rules (located at the bottom of this page) prior to booking.

Ticket Prices

Tickets for this event are £95 per person with a £45 deposit required when booking to secure your place with the remainder payable upon arrival.

About Eastmere OBUA

Eastmere OBUA Village started life as a European style village designed to train troops in FIBUA tactics.

Eastmere was upgraded following fighting in Iraq with middle eastern style compounds and buildings added and is now used to train troops for Operations in Built Up Areas or OBUA for short.

Featuring alleys, multiple storey buildings with balconies and wide streets it makes for a brilliant venue.


Due to troop training on Friday 10th April we will not be able to access the site until late Friday evening. Anyone traveling long distance wishing to stay over on the Friday night are welcome to camp at our main site near Thetford then move to STANTA on Saturday morning. Or if you prefer there are several hotels in nearby Thetford you can book into.

Access to Eastmere will be from 6am - 9:30am Saturday 11th via Gate 8 (directions below). Please arrive between these times to avoid delay.






UN security force made up of mainly British troops and advisors.


  • Conduct security patrols alongside Harlingrad Army and Police units to maintain security of the town.

  • Western civilians are to be escorted to the FOB and extracted.

Camo Rules

Uniform only, rigs and equipment can be any color.


Desert Camos

Light Browns (Coyote)





Para military insurgent group made up of former Harlingrad SF personnel.


  • Overrun the town and take control of key structures.  

  • Detain any western civilians for ransom

Camo Rules

Uniform only, rigs and equipment can be any color.

Green Camo (DPM, US Woodland)


Civilian Clothing




Below is a basic list of the minimum recommended kit you will need for this event. A full kit list can be found in the game rules pack.

  • Assault Pack/Backpack
  • Radio Comms Kit
  • Dead Rag & Dead Light
  • Bandage
  • Sleeping Kit/Sleeping Bag
  • Food
  • Water container/hydration pouch
  • Play kit (weapons, webbing, uniform, ammo, mid/low cap mags etc...)
  • Torch

Please remember you are responsible for your own kit and it's security. Combat Airsoft will not take any responsibility for lost/stolen/damaged items.





Get involved another way by coming along as a non-player character (CIVPOP). You will add to the atmosphere plus it's free!

Event Rules SUMMARY - Combat Tactical OP

FPS Limits

All weapons used will have to pass a chronograph test using the weight BB you intent to shoot and conform to the following limits:

  • Full Auto weapons, Pistols & Shotguns MAX 1.15 joules
  • Semi Auto Locked (DMR's) MAX 1.88 joules
  • Bolt Action Rifles MAX 2.32

Magazine Limits & Ammo

All ammo used must be BIODEGRADABLE

All ammo must be carried in Mid/Low capacity magazines NO HIGH CAP MAGS, box/drum mags on LMG support weapons are permitted.

Ammo limits will be dependant on role assigned (see detailed rules for more info).

Fighting in Buildings

No blind firing of any kind. You must be able to clearly see what you are shooting at looking down the length of your weapon.

No full auto inside buildings.

No smoke grenades inside buildings. 


Combat Tactical OPs use detailed medic rules and respawn rules which may vary from event to event depending on the area or missions involved. Check the detailed rules for the event for full details.

Resupplying Ammo

Players can resupply from their designated resupply point (usually a designated building or your base). The only time resupply will be closed is while the resupply point is under enemy contact e.g. rounds are landing within the walls or hitting the building.

Hit Taking & Cheat Calling

Everyone is to call their hits, no exceptions. Use common sense when calling hits making it clear you are hit and eliminated especially if exiting a building under contact.

Cheating will not be tolerated.

Cheat calling will also not be tolerated, if you have a problem with a player not calling hits report it to a marshal or up the chain of command immediately in a calm manner.

Abusive or aggressive behaviour of any kind towards players or Combat staff will result in immediate removal from the event.


COMBAT TAC OP Rules (pdf)